Suzzy Czarnecki
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Christian Core


Suzzy's Speaking Passions...

...Presenting strong biblical concepts with lighthearted humor to make it digestible to
non-believers as well as the spiritually mature.

... Creating excitement and energy by drawing in her audience, using visual concepts and object lessons - tools for the eyes, ears, nose... but mostly tools that transform the heart.

... Suzzy's true passion is to cause women to become hungry for the meat of God's Word, not only to apply His promises in their walk, but to invite other women to walk with them.

The topics at the side are not an exhaustive list, Suzzy not only has many more ideas she also enjoys fine tuning her topic to fit a theme for your events, seasons, and spiritual maturity of the group.

We encourage you to check out some of her most popular topics, listed to the right.


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