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About Suzzy

Suzzy is a native Californian, with a ready smile and an infectious laugh, who sees Bible lessons in even the most mundane of situations. As a child, she was labeled as “retarded” because of the learning disabilities she struggled with. She was able to overcome her difficulties in learning and actually became an elementary school teacher.

When her children were born, Suzzy left education and started a catering business. This business thrived for 18 years, and all the while Suzzy was collecting stories and vignettes for Bible lessons and the books she has had in her head to write.

At age 39, Suzzy ruptured a disk in her neck and her busy world came to a standstill, which gave her the opportunity to reassess her life. During this time of “waiting on the Lord“, Suzzy drew strength from the apostle Paul, who, in 2 Corinthians 4, reminds us not to lose heart, that even though we are in the process of decay in our physical bodies, the inward man continues to grow, becoming renewed.

After recovering from surgery, Christ revealed a way that she could impact others for His purpose, and Suzzy began a small women’s Bible study in her church. That small Bible study grew into a large one containing eighty or more women at times and now has a sister study in a neighboring city.

Over the past ten years, Suzzy has taught biblical concepts to literally hundreds of women. A listing of the topics on which she has taught is included in the topics area of this website.

Suzzy is the author of two books. Apples to Applesauce: Finding the Right Recipe for God’s Purpose is a guide to help women not merely focus on their desires, but to fulfill God’s planned purpose for their lives. Her second book, My Empty Nest Has an Iguana In It, is a humorous but practical study in preparing for and dealing with the “empty nest”. With insights not only from Suzzy, but also from her husband Ron and comments from Eddie the Iguana.

Suzzy has been married for over 30 years, has two grown children and lives in Valencia, California.

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