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Heart for Uganda Calendar

About the Calendar:

This calendar is the result of the 2nd Annual HeART for Uganda Art Contest, in which school-age children entered their artwork to raise money for children in Uganda, orphaned by the LRA and Joseph Kony.

The art contest was the brainchild of Suzzy Czarnecki, who enlisted the aid of world-renowned wildlife artist Wyland, to promote the art contest and supply prizes to those children who won.

Suzzy fell in love with the children of Uganda, and was deeply affected by their plight, when she went to Uganda in 2009. She was there to help an organization called Children of the Nations (COTN) build a village for orphaned and destitute children in Lira, Uganda. She returned in 2011 to bring supplies to the children.

COTN is a movement of people committed to "Raising Children Who Transform Nations". They partner with nationals to provide "holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations."

"Today, Children of the Nations is working in the USA, Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda and most recently in Haiti and Nigeria to provide relief for orphaned and destitute children. COTN, through funding primarily from child sponsorship and individual donations, operates homes, schools, farms, skill centers, clinics and village feeding centers in an effort to give quality care to the children. "

The Children's Village in Lira, Uganda is one of their centers for children. COTN purchased the land in 2008. In 2009, the first 7 homes were completed and 59 children moved in. In 2010, working with Ugandan Social Services, COTN identified 26 more orphaned children who moved into the Children's Village. Two school buildings were completed, 176 children from surrounding villages were enrolled at the school, and a farming program was successfully implemented. Today, the children are healthy and happy, due to support from people like you. They currently have built 3 school buildings, with the fourth under construction. The farming program is expanding. Three water wells have been drilled in and around Lira. They dream of having solar panels and a truck to transport supplies in the near future.

To learn more about Children of the Nations, please visit their website

The 2013 Calendar is $12.00 plus $3.75 for shipping and handling.

Front Cover
Strong Safari Elephant
Artist: Hunter Scullin, Grade 4, Charles Hoffman Elementary, Running Springs, CA

December 2012
I did the chimp because it reminded me of how children are playful, crazy, and fun.

Artist: Keaton Gray, Grade 5, The Classical Academy - East Colorado

January 2013
“Grateful For What She Has Made”
My piece of artwork was inspired by the beautiful sight one can see every day in nature. A flower, for example, seems so common and ordinary to us. Yet it consists of many different processes, pigments, layers and beauty. All my small details correlate to the actual precision and miracle that nature performs daily. Again, we usually never take the time to comprehend all that a flower is composed of. I wanted my viewers to take notice of the small details expressed through patterns. No one actually seems to stop and smell the rose amidst their continuous lists of things to do. I believe nature adds a perfect balance to one’s life and should be enjoyed every day. We need to show more respect to our mother. We need to be as kind to her as she has always been to us.

Artist: Katlin Keltner, Grade 12, Mission Viejo High, Missioin Viejo, CA

February 2013
“Sea Turtle Bay”
This artwork was inspired by my most memorable and recent trip to Hawaii. Like a dream, I swam with sea turtles in a quiet bay similar to the one I’ve drawn in my picture. We were there in the morning, but this is what I imagine a sunset to look like there. When you are swimming with the turtles, it feels as if the water could stretch on forever. Unforgettable!

Artist: Emma Melissa, Grade 6, Baldwin Elementary, Big Bear Lake, CA “

March 2013
“Light in the Shelter of the Forest”
I drew this picture from a photo. The photo inspired me because there is nothing as beautiful as a mother and her baby. The way the elephants bathe in the warm sunlight shining down on them is comforting. This feeling reminds me that the orphans in Uganda need the same protection as the elephant gives to her baby. When we support and help these children, we become the light and protection they need.

Artist: Toree Wright, Grade 8 Big Bear Middle School Big Bear Lake, CA

April 2013
“Maisha Katika Jangwa” (Life in the Desert)
Through the symbol of a prosperous tree, I imagined the Ugandan children growing and thriving in the desert of desperation and loneliness that used to rob them of a future. The sunrise in the background represents a new life, a new day. The roots of the tree spell out “HOPE” because the tree grew out of the hope that the children and the compassionate people around them had for the future of the country’s next generation. Like this tree the children of Uganda will have “Life in the Desert” with this new orphanage.

Artist: Breanna Shearin, Grade 9, Hillcrest Christian School, Granada Hills, CA

May 2013
“Michaels Parrot”
When I went on vacation I went to Las Vegas to go to Prim. When I went to the mall I saw parrots. The man had ten parrots,he put five parrots on my arms and hands.

Artist: Michael Ramsey, Grade 3, Baldwin Elementary, Big Bear Lake, CA

June 2013
“The Plains”
My inspiration came from seeing the African wilderness. The tree standing alone with the sun’s light reflecting on the land. The beauty the majesty of the tree and the sun is just magical.

Artist: Gary Bishop, Grade 8, Big Bear Middle School, Big Bear Lake, CA

July 2013
“Ocean Beauty”
What inspired me to draw this ocean scene was how peaceful the ocean is when the beach is empty. With all the waves crashing gently on the sand and the sun setting over the water, it’s very peaceful and beautiful. I hope the orphans get adopted soon.

Artist: Noah Foor, Grade 5, Baldwin Elementary, Big Bear Lake, CA

August 2013
“My Fun Place”
I was having fun with my family at the beach. I was playing in the sand and found a starfish in the water. I saw pelicans and ducks diving in the water for fish.

Artist: Collin Bunsold Grade K Mission Hills Elementary Escondido, CA

September 2013
“The Cheetah in the Sunset”
I was inspired to draw the cheetah because he has all different shapes and sizes of spots. None of the spots are the same, just like people, we are all unique and different.

Artist: Kaylin Gray, Grade 2, The Classical Academy, East Colorado

October 2013
“Dancing in the Tall Grass”
I love to read, and I recently read a book about a family in Booneville, Missouri, bound for Oregon. The family watched fireflies dancing in the tall grass near their home. This reminded me of evenings camping with my parents and six siblings, and all of the wonderful encounters you can have in nature.

Artist: Olivia Kehoe - Grade 6, Golden Hill Elementary, Fullerton, CA

November 2013
“Peaceful Lake”
I drew a lake because lakes very peaceful with all the nature, beauty, and ducks. I hope that God brings peace to Africa.

Artist: Haley Foor, Grade 3, Baldwin Elementary, Big Bear Lake

December 2013
“The Light of the Moon”
I love the light of the moon shining on the snow. It makes it like daylight at nighttime when the moon is full. The snow is like a blanket making things quiet. Maybe the children in Uganda have never seen snow.

Artist: Jesee Stalcup, Grade K, Big Bear Elementary, Big Bear Lake, CA

January 2014
“The Sunny River Hippo”
I drew the hippo in a river so I can capture the light, I drew it’s body under the water and it’s head floating on top. I love how hippo’s do that. The hippo is from Africa and all the proceeds go to the orphan children in Africa so I thought it would be neat. Hippo’s are very protective of their young children. I think protecting children is very important.

Artist: Elle Williams, Grade 5, River Springs Charter School

Proceeds will go to Children's Village, Lira, Uganda




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