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Suzzy's Pumpkin Soup

(can be made ahead and frozen)
Saute 2 leeks chopped, 1/4 Cup of Celery leaves finely cut, wash a whole chicken, place it in a 4 qt. water and bring to a boil. add:
2 Bay leaves, 2 t. ground pepper, 1 t. curry powder, 1 garlic clove diced, 2 t. ginger, 2 t. nutmeg, 2t. salt,  1 t. Lindberg-Snider Porterhouse seasoning (Ralphs or HOWS)opt. then simmer one hour.
Take chicken out, cool and de bone and add back into the soup.
add 4 C. of your homemade chicken stock, (what you cooked the chicken in)  to 1lb can solid pack pumpkin. ( add 1boil in a bag rice "cooked")
and 1 Cup rich milk just before serving.
You can serve this in a pumpkin shell. If you choose this method, make soup ahead, grease the out side of the pumpkin and place it in a shallow baking dish, pour soup into hallowed out pumpkin, place it's lid back on it, and bake one hour at 350.
Fast Pumpkin Soup:
Get Two huge (Food 4 Less) cans of Chicken and Rice soup mix with 1 1/2 Cans of water
saute in butter 2 leeks, add two Bay Leaves, 2t. curry, 2t.ginger, 1t. nutmeg add this to the can soup. I add 1t. of Lindberg-Snider Porterhouse seasoning.(Ralphs or HOWS) opt.   and one small can of Solid Pumpkin add 1c. milk before serving.
Shhh not even Santa knows this recipe



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